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Lady Bella wanted to eliminate competition in the contract she was looking for. So she looked down for the guy he was competing with and made him eliminate himself. She shit on him and tortured him degradingly with a promise to make it worse in the event he did not heed her call and quit. He did what she wanted and he quit because he did not imagine anything worse than that happening to him.

When this bitch snatched her boyfriend, this mistress did not fight it. She let them go and have their fun. But she had to have her revenge. She tracked her down and when she cornered her, she made her eat her shit. She did not just at her eating her shit. She made her lick her shit of all the shit in it and used her as her toilet paper.

Alexa ate a banana and wanted to see what kind of poop she would get out so she pooped into a bowl to see it

Louise did not want to leave the shit for her slave. She wanted it spent on herself so she smeared it on herself and licked it

This mistress did not care what people thought about her. She knew she could make money from her scat fetish and that is all that mattered to her

This girl is shy but curious as well. She's bubbly and looks innocent, but you will never guess some of the things she does when she's alone. She looks for the weirdest stuff on the internet and then tries them out. Like when she discovered about scat videos and decided to try them out. She would lock herself and then poop on a bowl just for the fun of it.

These sluts have done it all and seen it all. They now wanted to try something they have never tried before. They removed their panties and one of them shit on a bowl the other one was holding. They planned to smear that shit all over each other's body or give a slave to eat all of it. They just wanted to see which one was worse before doing it

If there is any mistress who knows how to torture a slave, it has got to be this mistress. She does not like to injure people physically. She likes to torture them psychologically because it hurts more and lasts longer. She took her slave and hooded him then made him lick her feet before shitting in his mouth. Not only that, but she also forced him to lick her ass hole clean.

This guy was humiliated and degraded in the worst way possible. His dignity was torn to pieces and he felt like dying. His mistress had taken her and tortured him, which was better than when she opened her legs and urinated on him and worse when she took a dump on his face and his mouth! He felt like there was no reason for living anymore and wished he choked on the poop

There is not telling what a group of weird and adventurous friends can do when bored and let alone. These girls decided to try out something they have never tried. They took a dump and then had fun smearing the poop on each other's body without a care in the world. They did not mind that it was unhealthy. All they wanted was to have fun and have fun they did!

Daisy is one girl who likes to do what she wants and when she wants. She does not care about what people think. If its what she wants, she'll do it or say it. She was in the kitchen when she suddenly felt the urge to shit. She didn't want to take the trip to the toilet, so she undressed and took a dump right there in the kitchen without caring.

This slave was complaining that he had not eaten and was feeling hungry. So Nikki told her to bring a plate and she would give him some food. He was excited and ran to the kitchen to bring the plate. When he came, she removed her panties and then took a shit on the plate while he was holding it and then told him to eat the food she had prepared for him.

Mistress Esme loves art and is always making things with her hands. But on this day, she decided to make a very odd piece of art and then use it as punishment. She took a shit and then used her skills to make a shape out of it. The slave was then required to carry it and wear it at all times on his neck after it had dried up.

Denise wanted to trample and smother her boyfriend when an idea struck her. Instead of using just her ass to do it and facesit on him, why not make it more interesting. So she removed her underwear and her boyfriend thought that they were going to have the good old 69. But to his surprise, she facesat on him and then without a care, took a dump on his face!

Rieke is always down for some naughty scat play. She is going to take a nice warm shit, but then she will take a piss. She loves the feeling of both bowl movements, but the best part of all this play is when she sticks her finger in her shit to taste what she can produce. She might alter a diet a bit to change the flavor.

Princess Nikki is known for many things, but taking a huge shit on her slave's face is rather extreme. She is thrilled to see how big the log of shit is sitting in her slave's mouth. Her slave has no other option but to swallow all of the poo. She puts her asshole right on her slave's mouth so he gets all the shit to eat.

Kelly is a very hardcore mistress that loves scat play. Her scat play is so extreme that she is going to take a shit, but she doesn't stop there. She will smear and rub her shit all over. The most extreme action she will do is take her own shit and put it on her hand, then lick the shit off her hand. Kelly is very nasty.