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There is not telling what a group of weird and adventurous friends can do when bored and let alone. These girls decided to try out something they have never tried. They took a dump and then had fun smearing the poop on each other's body without a care in the world. They did not mind that it was unhealthy. All they wanted was to have fun and have fun they did!

There is nothing better than preparing a good meal for a holiday dinner. A few sexy girls are going to get ready for New Years Eve by making up a delightful plate full of shit and piss for their slave. They are going to be sure they get the plate totally filled, and they are going to make sure the slave eats all of his nicely prepared shit.

Sometimes Rieke can get a bit wild when it comes to her own shit. She loves scat play, but when she plays by herself, she goes totally out of control. Rieke will shit on her bed, but then she will do all sorts of different positions in the shit smearing it all over her body. She might even go in for a little taste of her own poo.

Victoria is a pretty babe, but she loves to celebrate the holidays. She is going to put on her Santa hat and sit on a chair. She will lean over so she can push out a huge long turd. The turd will be brown and very solid. She is so happy to show off her talents, and select the lucky slave that will clean up the poop.

Princess Nikki is known for many things, but taking a huge shit on her slave's face is rather extreme. She is thrilled to see how big the log of shit is sitting in her slave's mouth. Her slave has no other option but to swallow all of the poo. She puts her asshole right on her slave's mouth so he gets all the shit to eat.

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