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When this bitch snatched her boyfriend, this mistress did not fight it. She let them go and have their fun. But she had to have her revenge. She tracked her down and when she cornered her, she made her eat her shit. She did not just at her eating her shit. She made her lick her shit of all the shit in it and used her as her toilet paper.

Mistress Ryder is as nasty as they come. She does not conform to societal standards and instead she sets her own. She had always wondered why shit was so shunned when it was a product of what we ate. She decided to have fun with hers and encourage others to. So she shot videos of herself having fun with her shit and posted it to a scat fetish blog and got many likes.

This mistress had always admired scat fetish videos from a far. She did not think she had what it took to be a successful scatqueen. She only enjoyed the videos and left it at that. But as time went by, she grew more confident and wanted to try it. She saw that some were not as good and she knew she could do better than then. She got a slave and tried it. It was easy and she was better than many.

A really naughty brunette is going to find out what experimenting with scat is all about. She and her friend are going to hang out together but they do not expect to start taking shits and sharing the taste together. They both are going to find out that this type of play is actually quite interesting and they do like all of the fun they are having eating each others shit.

When Rachel decided to start a series, she needed to make sure she had the perfect slave when she was filming all of her movies. Her slave is well-trained and he knows exactly what she expects when it is time for eating. The slave will open his mouth and he will take in all of her shit cannot question a single thing to make her happy.

Torture with an experienced mistress can be really dirty and it also can be really sadistic. This mistress is going to take her time as she pushes out a huge load of poo right onto a slave. She takes great pride in being known as a shitting girl and she also is going to make sure that the slave is totally covered properly. Her love is for shitting.

Libby is a really interesting college girl that loves to do things to slaves that can be really humiliating. One of her favorite things to do it involves pushing out the biggest pile of shit right on her slaves face without saying a word to him. She is so funny when she does this, and she also can be hard-core. Her love for shitting is totally obvious when she does it.

Lesbians are going to get really hard-core when they decide it is time for them to fist each other. Instead of being cleaned out before they decide to do all of the fisting, they are going to reach inside each other's ass and pull out all of the shit with her hands. They love this type of hard-core action and they can't wait to see what else happens with each other.

Alexa has a special toilet that all of her slaves are very familiar with. She has been using a special toilet for many years and she knows exactly what she is doing once she sits down on the toilet. Her goal is to make sure that each slave that is underneath her toilet as well fed with a great deal of poop and pee from her body as she is smiling.

These lovely ladies are going to make sure that they fill the mouth of the slave in the words. Normally when people are in the woods together, they are checking out all of the wonderful views that nature has to offer. However, in this case it is going to involve a great deal of scat play and humiliation because the slave must eat all of the shit from the ladies.

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