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This babe loves to have some fun with her slave, even though normally he is just a toilet slave. She is going to train him to be more than a toilet slave, but instead he is going to become her human ashtray and her doormat. She is deeply amused by the fact that he is so trainable and is willing to do all of these degrading acts on the ground.

When two sexy ladies get together and they began to play, it can get really interesting especially because they are both into scat. They began to shit on each other, but they do not stop there because their plan is to smear the shit all over the place, and then they will lick each others pussies with shit all over the place and on their bodies. These girls are hard-core.

Lady Bianca is going to fill up her slave and let him know that he is nothing more than a pile of shit underneath her special toilet seat that was created by another shit slave of hers. She also does not take little tiny shits either. She is going to put out an enormous load right on his mouth and on his face for him to absorb which can be really gross.

A nice walk in grass can be many things, but having a slave lay down in the grass so that a lady can tell her slave that he is nothing more than a pile of shit is totally surprising and it also is shocking. The slave will be on the ground with his mouth open as a lady is going to shit right on him and on his body.

Pink is a mistress that has a special world involving glitter pumps and a tiny little green lunchbox. She instructed her slave to come over to pick up the box, but what will be left inside the box is going to be the special surprise. She is going to shit inside of the box and then close it so when her slave arrives he is going to think he is getting a special gift from her.

This pretty blonde lady has always been into very interesting things, including scat. She feels as though scat is a wonderful way to share an experience with one of her human toilet slaves. However, she also can humiliate a slave to the fullest extent by taking her toilet brush and sticking it up her slaves ass to let him know that she is still the boss and he is nothing more than a slave.

Gingers had watched scat and other domination videos and she liked them so much that she wanted to try them out. She got herself a slave and then took a shit on a container and pissed on it and made her slave to eat it. She also trampled on his balls and weiner with her bare feet. She was so good at this stuff that one would not have thought she's a novice.

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