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Mistress Cherry Torn is good at humiliating slaves. But today she was doing something different. She and her friend Louise Hunter wanted to induct a mistress into their group. They made the mistress kneel down and they shit on her and peed on her. Then they used her shit as lube and inserted a dildo into her ass. When they were done with her, she was officially part of their team.

This mistress was not feeling well. She was not unable to get up and go to the toilet. She just shit on herself and made her slave clean it up

This mistress accidentally shit her pants. But the shit gave her a nice sensation and she decided to play with it. That is how she came to have a scat fetish

Dominica wanted the most disgusting way to torture her slave. She looked up for ways to do it online until she came across scat videos. She liked them and planned to try them on her slave. She took the slave to her library and then forced him to lie down. She removed her panties and the slave thought she wanted to be licked, but to his surprise, she shit on him!

Miss Missa X is never a bad time. She can take scat play to an entire new level, but she also loves to play with toys. She is going to take her very sexy pink lingerie and remove it, so she can show off her perfect ass. She will also get down on the ground to push out a nice long turd from her perfect asshole.

Leila is one of the hottest mistress's around. She also is fun and sometimes very quirky. She is going to get dressed up like a sultry bunny in red lingerie, but the major bonus is when this cute babe gets on her side and exposes her asshole, she is going to push out a very hard nugget like turd. She is really happy it smells so bad too.

Paola is a very hot babe that would love to get into scat play. She is going to consult a mistress for advice and instructions on making sure the scat play goes well. Paola will find out just how to feed her slave the warm shit. It's very simple says her scat mistress instructor. Her slave will get the meal of a lifetime from her.

Mistress Gaia has never been shy from showing off her wonderful skills in scat play. She is going to place her ass on a special made shitting stool created for her slave. Mistress Gaia will then take a shit on her slave's blindfolded face. She feels wonderful shitting on her slave, because he is such a loser and she knows it. Covering his face in poo makes her happy.

Some slaves must learn the hard way. A slave is going endure quite a bit of torture and abuse from a mistress. He will have high heels dug in deep on his chest, she is going to demean him, but the worst is the huge pile of shit that will land on his face warm. The mistress will shit on his face three inches from his nose.

Sonja doesn't mess around when it is time to take a shit. Her slave knows that as well. She is place her ass on her toilet that was specially made for slave shitting. Sonja will push out the biggest shit right on her slave's face. Her asshole will stretch wide open getting the huge long turd out of her sexy ass. Her slave has quite the meal.

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