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Mistress Cherry Torn is good at humiliating slaves. But today she was doing something different. She and her friend Louise Hunter wanted to induct a mistress into their group. They made the mistress kneel down and they shit on her and peed on her. Then they used her shit as lube and inserted a dildo into her ass. When they were done with her, she was officially part of their team.

A girl's revenge is usually cold. A guy can beat you up, but the pain eventually goes away. But a girl, like this one, aims to degrade and humiliate you, which is worse. This girl took her slave and then made him sit up. She then took off her panties and took a dump on his face. It was not painful, but it was humiliating and degrading to say the least.

There is not telling what a group of weird and adventurous friends can do when bored and let alone. These girls decided to try out something they have never tried. They took a dump and then had fun smearing the poop on each other's body without a care in the world. They did not mind that it was unhealthy. All they wanted was to have fun and have fun they did!

Rieke is one of those mistress's that loves her cleansing morning shit. She will push out her shit right onto the ground, but she always makes sure it is done from a nice chair with no seat. The seat is removed so she can get all of her shit out of her asshole and onto the ground. She will leave a huge pile of stinky shit on the ground.

Mistress Adison is a very sexy mistress with a love for shitting. She loves to shit on her slaves in multiple positions. She is going to sit on her slave's face reverse cowgirl like and push out a nice warm shit right on his face. The slave will get all her warm smelly shit right into his mouth. The slave is getting exactly what he deserves.

Jenicha is always ready to share her shit. Her ideal day is taking a shit on a plate and getting a good look at who will be ready to eat her poo. Jenicha will choose the lucky slave that is worthy of her poop. She likes her slaves to experience her poo at least once a week, because letting her shit go to waste is such a shame.

Miss Missa X and her sister are working together to get a really hot scat video. Miss Missa X will take a very large shit in the toilet and catch it all on video. Miss Missa X is going to push out the best shit ever right in the toilet making sure to show her cute little ass as she is getting her poo pushed out of her asshole.

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