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Mistress Cherry Torn is good at humiliating slaves. But today she was doing something different. She and her friend Louise Hunter wanted to induct a mistress into their group. They made the mistress kneel down and they shit on her and peed on her. Then they used her shit as lube and inserted a dildo into her ass. When they were done with her, she was officially part of their team.

This mistress is a horny one. She likes to masturbate a lot. She felt like shitting while she was masturbating and she enjoyed doing both. That is how she came to have a shit fetish

If there is any mistress who knows how to torture a slave, it has got to be this mistress. She does not like to injure people physically. She likes to torture them psychologically because it hurts more and lasts longer. She took her slave and hooded him then made him lick her feet before shitting in his mouth. Not only that, but she also forced him to lick her ass hole clean.

A girl's revenge is usually cold. A guy can beat you up, but the pain eventually goes away. But a girl, like this one, aims to degrade and humiliate you, which is worse. This girl took her slave and then made him sit up. She then took off her panties and took a dump on his face. It was not painful, but it was humiliating and degrading to say the least.

Gingers had watched scat and other domination videos and she liked them so much that she wanted to try them out. She got herself a slave and then took a shit on a container and pissed on it and made her slave to eat it. She also trampled on his balls and weiner with her bare feet. She was so good at this stuff that one would not have thought she's a novice.

Denise wanted to trample and smother her boyfriend when an idea struck her. Instead of using just her ass to do it and facesit on him, why not make it more interesting. So she removed her underwear and her boyfriend thought that they were going to have the good old 69. But to his surprise, she facesat on him and then without a care, took a dump on his face!

Jenicha is always ready to share her shit. Her ideal day is taking a shit on a plate and getting a good look at who will be ready to eat her poo. Jenicha will choose the lucky slave that is worthy of her poop. She likes her slaves to experience her poo at least once a week, because letting her shit go to waste is such a shame.

Mistress Gaia has never been shy from showing off her wonderful skills in scat play. She is going to place her ass on a special made shitting stool created for her slave. Mistress Gaia will then take a shit on her slave's blindfolded face. She feels wonderful shitting on her slave, because he is such a loser and she knows it. Covering his face in poo makes her happy.

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