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Ariel is not shy, but she also loves to show off her great body. Ariel will put on a pair of really bright pink panties and show off her amazing form. In her head she is thinking about the shit and farts that are soon to follow. She never slacks when it comes to blowing out huge farts, and she loves to clear a room with her smells.

Ariel and her friends are always looking for new ways to deal with their asshole boss. The boss has a tendency to piss all of the ladies off, so they are thinking it is time to turn the tables. Ariel will get ready to take a huge shit right on her boss, but they are also thinking some juicy farts might be even better. They are going to humiliate their boss.

Ariel is never shy when it comes to shitting and farting. She is the babe that will stick her ass right out and launch the biggest fart ever. When she isn't farting, she is gearing up for her next big shit she will take. She loves to really put all her effort into making sure she gets her asshole completely free from any shit or farts.

Ariel is always on top of her game when it comes to taking shits and making sure she stays good and regular. She is going to take a very big shit that was held in from the night before, because she prefers to shit in the morning. Her poop will be super dark, and the smell will be so bad she is having a hard time with it.

Ariel is a mistress that loves taking huge shits on the floor of her kitchen. She is going to squat down on the kitchen floor so she can take a nice shit, but first she must take off her thong. She will push shit out on her floor for her slave to watch first, but then he is going to be part of the clean up crew.

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