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Lucy Skye is a hot mistress by any standards. But just as she is hot, she is also a cruel mistress with a fetish for shit. She likes to invite her slave or a loser to come in the toilet with her. They are attracted to her naked self but she wants them to inhale and smell her shit. She demands that they stay in there and listen to her farts as well.

This mistress wanted to prank a drunk friend. She shit on a plate and made it look like food and then gave it to him to eat

Louise loves shit probably more than other mistresses. She likes to eat it and smear it on her body and even masturbate with it

These sluts have done it all and seen it all. They now wanted to try something they have never tried before. They removed their panties and one of them shit on a bowl the other one was holding. They planned to smear that shit all over each other's body or give a slave to eat all of it. They just wanted to see which one was worse before doing it

Lady Kalida likes role play. And she does not care how gross it can get. Her boyfriend wanted her to dress like a nurse or first aid worker, and she agreed. But she also wanted him to do something. She wanted him to eat her shit! She took a shit in a container and then gave him to eat. It was after that they would continue with their love making adventure.

A very stinky mistress will take one hell of a shit on a paper towel. She loves to take the biggest shits ever, so naturally making sure she pushes out a huge load of poo is going to make her feel very good. Once her pile of shit has been pushed out, she is going to be amazed at how big the pile of shit really is.

Leila is one of the hottest mistress's around. She also is fun and sometimes very quirky. She is going to get dressed up like a sultry bunny in red lingerie, but the major bonus is when this cute babe gets on her side and exposes her asshole, she is going to push out a very hard nugget like turd. She is really happy it smells so bad too.

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