Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

All articles tagged with "Toilet Pov"

Louise loves shit probably more than other mistresses. She likes to eat it and smear it on her body and even masturbate with it

Dominica wanted the most disgusting way to torture her slave. She looked up for ways to do it online until she came across scat videos. She liked them and planned to try them on her slave. She took the slave to her library and then forced him to lie down. She removed her panties and the slave thought she wanted to be licked, but to his surprise, she shit on him!

When a hot mistress hates men, it can never be a good thing. Aline hates men, so when she hears her slave will be coming over soon, she is going to take great pride in knowing that. Aline will pull down her pants and get ready to push out a nice big shit right on his face. She loves covering his face with her stinky warm shit.

Karen and Sonya are very fun loving ladies with the biggest fetish for shitting. They love to take nice big shits in the toilet and then stare at them. The fun part about these babes is they will take a big shit right in front of you. They are not shy when it comes to shitting and will make any slave obey their every command when it comes to shit.

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