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Girls shitting and pooping

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Miss Atrax and her brutal friend love to do horrible things to slaves. They take pride in humiliating slaves, and letting them know what piles of shit they are. These two mean mistresses are going to take full advantage of a drunk guy by letting him know what a face in a pile of shit is going to be like. They will totally torture this drunk idiot.

There is nothing better than preparing a good meal for a holiday dinner. A few sexy girls are going to get ready for New Years Eve by making up a delightful plate full of shit and piss for their slave. They are going to be sure they get the plate totally filled, and they are going to make sure the slave eats all of his nicely prepared shit.

Some slaves can really handle big loads from a few mistresses, but getting shit on by several different babes can be a whole lot of poop to deal with and even eat. The slave will get four different varieties of poop on his face, and he has no choice but to eat up all the poop. The great thing is he loves their feces and will eat as much as he can.

Karen and Sonya are very fun loving ladies with the biggest fetish for shitting. They love to take nice big shits in the toilet and then stare at them. The fun part about these babes is they will take a big shit right in front of you. They are not shy when it comes to shitting and will make any slave obey their every command when it comes to shit.

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