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This mistress wanted to get back at her friend for messing with her. She had always looked the other way but she had had enough. So she waited till her friend had left. Then she went to her bathroom and she shit in it. She left a big stinker in there and let her come for her morning bath the following day to the shock of thatt shitter. She had had her revenge.

This mistress wanted to play in the big leagues. She did not want to remain in the small leagues of having to humiliate just one slave and that was it. She wanted to do it on a large scale. So she opened a class where she taught mistresses how to punish and humiliate slaves better and also taught slaves how they could be better slaves. She had a long waiting list.

Mistress Ryder is as nasty as they come. She does not conform to societal standards and instead she sets her own. She had always wondered why shit was so shunned when it was a product of what we ate. She decided to have fun with hers and encourage others to. So she shot videos of herself having fun with her shit and posted it to a scat fetish blog and got many likes.

This mistress had always admired scat fetish videos from a far. She did not think she had what it took to be a successful scatqueen. She only enjoyed the videos and left it at that. But as time went by, she grew more confident and wanted to try it. She saw that some were not as good and she knew she could do better than then. She got a slave and tried it. It was easy and she was better than many.

This mistress is a horny one. She likes to masturbate a lot. She felt like shitting while she was masturbating and she enjoyed doing both. That is how she came to have a shit fetish

Lady Kalidas knows how to beat up a slave. She does not stop at kicking his balls and doing weird things to his cock. She goes ahead to shit on him

This babe loves to have some fun with her slave, even though normally he is just a toilet slave. She is going to train him to be more than a toilet slave, but instead he is going to become her human ashtray and her doormat. She is deeply amused by the fact that he is so trainable and is willing to do all of these degrading acts on the ground.

When two sexy ladies get together and they began to play, it can get really interesting especially because they are both into scat. They began to shit on each other, but they do not stop there because their plan is to smear the shit all over the place, and then they will lick each others pussies with shit all over the place and on their bodies. These girls are hard-core.

Lady Bianca is going to fill up her slave and let him know that he is nothing more than a pile of shit underneath her special toilet seat that was created by another shit slave of hers. She also does not take little tiny shits either. She is going to put out an enormous load right on his mouth and on his face for him to absorb which can be really gross.

A nice walk in grass can be many things, but having a slave lay down in the grass so that a lady can tell her slave that he is nothing more than a pile of shit is totally surprising and it also is shocking. The slave will be on the ground with his mouth open as a lady is going to shit right on him and on his body.

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