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Lady Kalidas knows how to beat up a slave. She does not stop at kicking his balls and doing weird things to his cock. She goes ahead to shit on him

This babe loves to have some fun with her slave, even though normally he is just a toilet slave. She is going to train him to be more than a toilet slave, but instead he is going to become her human ashtray and her doormat. She is deeply amused by the fact that he is so trainable and is willing to do all of these degrading acts on the ground.

This pretty blonde lady has always been into very interesting things, including scat. She feels as though scat is a wonderful way to share an experience with one of her human toilet slaves. However, she also can humiliate a slave to the fullest extent by taking her toilet brush and sticking it up her slaves ass to let him know that she is still the boss and he is nothing more than a slave.

Lady Kalida was shaving her pussy when she felt like taking a dump. She did not want to have to go to the toilet and then have to wipe her ass. It looked like so much trouble. She called her slave and then took the dump on a bowl and them made him eat it. He also had to lick her ass as she did not want to wipe it.

Lady Kalida likes role play. And she does not care how gross it can get. Her boyfriend wanted her to dress like a nurse or first aid worker, and she agreed. But she also wanted him to do something. She wanted him to eat her shit! She took a shit in a container and then gave him to eat. It was after that they would continue with their love making adventure.

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