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A very stinky mistress will take one hell of a shit on a paper towel. She loves to take the biggest shits ever, so naturally making sure she pushes out a huge load of poo is going to make her feel very good. Once her pile of shit has been pushed out, she is going to be amazed at how big the pile of shit really is.

Leila is one of the hottest mistress's around. She also is fun and sometimes very quirky. She is going to get dressed up like a sultry bunny in red lingerie, but the major bonus is when this cute babe gets on her side and exposes her asshole, she is going to push out a very hard nugget like turd. She is really happy it smells so bad too.

Noelia has never been shy about the size of her shits. She is reading a book enjoying herself while she is shitting, but the catch is as she is shitting, she will destroy the book. The book belongs to her slave, therefore she will take her time making sure she uses each page to wipe her ass with. Noelia will totally destroy the book with her shit.

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