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A human toilet slave is going to be filled by two ladies that love to shit on slaves. They have always had a great time doing this and they find it really amusing to watch the slave opened his mouth until he is almost ready to puke from being filled up. These mistresses are going to crack up knowing that they are making their human toilet slave sick from all of the shit.

Alexa is a pretty young mistress with brunette hair that can be so tempting and seductive when she starts to play with her ass. She also has the ability to make special things for her slaves before they come over to her house. One of them is making a special kind of brownie, but the mixture involves nothing but her shit from her ass into the bowl. She will make her slaves eat it.

She is going to have a terrific time when she invites her slave Toto over to make a special video involving a great deal of scat play. She wants to humiliate him and she also wants to make sure that the video shows off all of her amazing skills when it comes to scat play and total domination. She loves to humiliate her slave and make him feel very pathetic.

Anna is a very pretty lady who is also extremely smart. When she is not studying for law, she is doing things that can be considered extremely dirty and gross. However, she does not care because she ultimately has one goal in mind. She is going to make her slave boy cleanup all of her shit were ever she chooses to leave it and he must make sure it's all eaten.

This girl is shy but curious as well. She's bubbly and looks innocent, but you will never guess some of the things she does when she's alone. She looks for the weirdest stuff on the internet and then tries them out. Like when she discovered about scat videos and decided to try them out. She would lock herself and then poop on a bowl just for the fun of it.

This guy was humiliated and degraded in the worst way possible. His dignity was torn to pieces and he felt like dying. His mistress had taken her and tortured him, which was better than when she opened her legs and urinated on him and worse when she took a dump on his face and his mouth! He felt like there was no reason for living anymore and wished he choked on the poop

Daisy is one girl who likes to do what she wants and when she wants. She does not care about what people think. If its what she wants, she'll do it or say it. She was in the kitchen when she suddenly felt the urge to shit. She didn't want to take the trip to the toilet, so she undressed and took a dump right there in the kitchen without caring.

This slave was complaining that he had not eaten and was feeling hungry. So Nikki told her to bring a plate and she would give him some food. He was excited and ran to the kitchen to bring the plate. When he came, she removed her panties and then took a shit on the plate while he was holding it and then told him to eat the food she had prepared for him.

Lady Kalida was shaving her pussy when she felt like taking a dump. She did not want to have to go to the toilet and then have to wipe her ass. It looked like so much trouble. She called her slave and then took the dump on a bowl and them made him eat it. He also had to lick her ass as she did not want to wipe it.

You do not want to piss off this mistress. She is experienced at giving some of the harshest and cruellest punishments ever given. Like when this loser pissed her off and she made him lie down on her bathroom and then took a shit on his face and made him smell it, lick it and eat it. She does not care how gross or unhealthy it is. You have to do it her way.

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