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A slave will be forced to take scat play to an entire different level. A hot mistress is going to force her slave to not only eat shit, but drink her pee and whatever else she feels he needs to have in his body. She will put her pee and poop in a bowl, then force him on the ground to drink and eat everything up.

Ariel is never shy when it comes to shitting and farting. She is the babe that will stick her ass right out and launch the biggest fart ever. When she isn't farting, she is gearing up for her next big shit she will take. She loves to really put all her effort into making sure she gets her asshole completely free from any shit or farts.

Julia has always had this huge hatred for men, so when she is given the opportunity to poop on the head of a man, she is going to immediately take it. Julia will push out the longest log of shit right on her slave's face. She has never felt so good in her life. Julia can't wait to do it over and over again to her loser slave.

Princess Nikki loves to do interesting things like shitting in a diaper. She is also the queen of humiliation. Nikki thinks outside of the box all the time, so when it is time for a shit, she will poop right in the diaper, then she is going to put the diaper right on her slave's head. She will humiliate him to the fullest with the diaper.

Miss Missa X is never a bad time. She can take scat play to an entire new level, but she also loves to play with toys. She is going to take her very sexy pink lingerie and remove it, so she can show off her perfect ass. She will also get down on the ground to push out a nice long turd from her perfect asshole.

A mature babe will have some hardcore fun with her shit. She is going to take a poop on her bed, but she won't just stop there. She will take her own poop and rub it all over her body. Her fingers will be covered in shit, and she will even stick her fingers in the poop and lick and taste all of her own shit.

Some slaves can really handle big loads from a few mistresses, but getting shit on by several different babes can be a whole lot of poop to deal with and even eat. The slave will get four different varieties of poop on his face, and he has no choice but to eat up all the poop. The great thing is he loves their feces and will eat as much as he can.

A mistress is having a bad day with her toilet, but that is totally fine with her. She has a loser slave that can clean up the mess. She is going to push out all of her poo, but she will then have her loser slave lick up and clean all the shit off the toilet and off the floor. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Noelia is in the mood for some breakfast, but when it comes to this lovely lady, her idea of breakfast is much different than the average person. She is going to push out a nice load of shit into a bowl. She is expecting her slave soon, so he will have a nice fresh load of shit to eat. Noelia is so happy she can provide a good breakfast for her slave.

Ariel is always on top of her game when it comes to taking shits and making sure she stays good and regular. She is going to take a very big shit that was held in from the night before, because she prefers to shit in the morning. Her poop will be super dark, and the smell will be so bad she is having a hard time with it.

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