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Lady Kalida likes role play. And she does not care how gross it can get. Her boyfriend wanted her to dress like a nurse or first aid worker, and she agreed. But she also wanted him to do something. She wanted him to eat her shit! She took a shit in a container and then gave him to eat. It was after that they would continue with their love making adventure.

This mistress was pissed off at her slave. She didn't want to beat him up, but wanted an equally brutal punishment. After much thinking, she came up with a fitting punishment. She made him lie down and put a stool beside him, sat on it and without any guilt or care in the world, took a shit on the poor slave's face. The slave was humiliated and degraded but that was the plan.

Miss Atrax and her brutal friend love to do horrible things to slaves. They take pride in humiliating slaves, and letting them know what piles of shit they are. These two mean mistresses are going to take full advantage of a drunk guy by letting him know what a face in a pile of shit is going to be like. They will totally torture this drunk idiot.

Ariel is not shy, but she also loves to show off her great body. Ariel will put on a pair of really bright pink panties and show off her amazing form. In her head she is thinking about the shit and farts that are soon to follow. She never slacks when it comes to blowing out huge farts, and she loves to clear a room with her smells.

A slaved offered his massaging services to a mistress, but he failed to realize he must do a good job. He failed and now much pay, because a mistress is very mad at him. She is going to take a huge shit on the floor to punish the slave, then stick his head in the huge pile of super smelly shit for a cruel and mean punishment.

There is nothing better than preparing a good meal for a holiday dinner. A few sexy girls are going to get ready for New Years Eve by making up a delightful plate full of shit and piss for their slave. They are going to be sure they get the plate totally filled, and they are going to make sure the slave eats all of his nicely prepared shit.

Sometimes Rieke can get a bit wild when it comes to her own shit. She loves scat play, but when she plays by herself, she goes totally out of control. Rieke will shit on her bed, but then she will do all sorts of different positions in the shit smearing it all over her body. She might even go in for a little taste of her own poo.

Ariel and her friends are always looking for new ways to deal with their asshole boss. The boss has a tendency to piss all of the ladies off, so they are thinking it is time to turn the tables. Ariel will get ready to take a huge shit right on her boss, but they are also thinking some juicy farts might be even better. They are going to humiliate their boss.

Noelia loves to eat food that is really high in fiber. She feels keeping herself healthy is something very important in her life. She also believes she should keep her slave healthy as well. Noelia is going to take a nice big shit right on her slave's face. She will also give him a nice warm golden shower of piss as well. She feels so much better.

When a hot mistress hates men, it can never be a good thing. Aline hates men, so when she hears her slave will be coming over soon, she is going to take great pride in knowing that. Aline will pull down her pants and get ready to push out a nice big shit right on his face. She loves covering his face with her stinky warm shit.

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