Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Rachel wanted to try scat fetish. She tried to think of where to get a slave then she remembered there was a guy who had a crush on her. She knew he would be the perfect candidate for a slave. She enticed him and she used him as her toilet slave. The guy just wanted to be near her and she took advantage to shit on him and use him to try her fetish.

Mistress Cherry Torn is good at humiliating slaves. But today she was doing something different. She and her friend Louise Hunter wanted to induct a mistress into their group. They made the mistress kneel down and they shit on her and peed on her. Then they used her shit as lube and inserted a dildo into her ass. When they were done with her, she was officially part of their team.

Mistress Jenicha is not like other mistresses who fear their own shit and only like to make slaves lick or eat it. She likes to play with her own shit. She is a conservative scatqueen. She likes to shit on herself and smear it all over her body. She likes the different kinds of smells that her poo has and how naughty it all feels when she is doing it.

Gaia likes to humiliate guys for no apparent reason. That is what she did to this guy when she pooped on his face and let the guy inhale the smell and lick the shit

This mistress wanted to prank a drunk friend. She shit on a plate and made it look like food and then gave it to him to eat

This mistress was not feeling well. She was not unable to get up and go to the toilet. She just shit on herself and made her slave clean it up

This mistress is a horny one. She likes to masturbate a lot. She felt like shitting while she was masturbating and she enjoyed doing both. That is how she came to have a shit fetish

Lady Kalidas knows how to beat up a slave. She does not stop at kicking his balls and doing weird things to his cock. She goes ahead to shit on him

This mistress accidentally shit her pants. But the shit gave her a nice sensation and she decided to play with it. That is how she came to have a scat fetish

Lucy was in the toilet and she had fun shitting. She decided to make it a hobby. She did not know it would be that much fun

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