Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Dominica wanted the most disgusting way to torture her slave. She looked up for ways to do it online until she came across scat videos. She liked them and planned to try them on her slave. She took the slave to her library and then forced him to lie down. She removed her panties and the slave thought she wanted to be licked, but to his surprise, she shit on him!

If there is any mistress who knows how to torture a slave, it has got to be this mistress. She does not like to injure people physically. She likes to torture them psychologically because it hurts more and lasts longer. She took her slave and hooded him then made him lick her feet before shitting in his mouth. Not only that, but she also forced him to lick her ass hole clean.

This guy was humiliated and degraded in the worst way possible. His dignity was torn to pieces and he felt like dying. His mistress had taken her and tortured him, which was better than when she opened her legs and urinated on him and worse when she took a dump on his face and his mouth! He felt like there was no reason for living anymore and wished he choked on the poop

A girl's revenge is usually cold. A guy can beat you up, but the pain eventually goes away. But a girl, like this one, aims to degrade and humiliate you, which is worse. This girl took her slave and then made him sit up. She then took off her panties and took a dump on his face. It was not painful, but it was humiliating and degrading to say the least.

There is not telling what a group of weird and adventurous friends can do when bored and let alone. These girls decided to try out something they have never tried. They took a dump and then had fun smearing the poop on each other's body without a care in the world. They did not mind that it was unhealthy. All they wanted was to have fun and have fun they did!

Daisy is one girl who likes to do what she wants and when she wants. She does not care about what people think. If its what she wants, she'll do it or say it. She was in the kitchen when she suddenly felt the urge to shit. She didn't want to take the trip to the toilet, so she undressed and took a dump right there in the kitchen without caring.

This slave was complaining that he had not eaten and was feeling hungry. So Nikki told her to bring a plate and she would give him some food. He was excited and ran to the kitchen to bring the plate. When he came, she removed her panties and then took a shit on the plate while he was holding it and then told him to eat the food she had prepared for him.

Lady Kalida was shaving her pussy when she felt like taking a dump. She did not want to have to go to the toilet and then have to wipe her ass. It looked like so much trouble. She called her slave and then took the dump on a bowl and them made him eat it. He also had to lick her ass as she did not want to wipe it.

Gingers had watched scat and other domination videos and she liked them so much that she wanted to try them out. She got herself a slave and then took a shit on a container and pissed on it and made her slave to eat it. She also trampled on his balls and weiner with her bare feet. She was so good at this stuff that one would not have thought she's a novice.

Mistress Esme loves art and is always making things with her hands. But on this day, she decided to make a very odd piece of art and then use it as punishment. She took a shit and then used her skills to make a shape out of it. The slave was then required to carry it and wear it at all times on his neck after it had dried up.

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