Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Louise loves shit probably more than other mistresses. She likes to eat it and smear it on her body and even masturbate with it

Alexa ate a banana and wanted to see what kind of poop she would get out so she pooped into a bowl to see it

Louise did not want to leave the shit for her slave. She wanted it spent on herself so she smeared it on herself and licked it

Mistress Gaia wanted to collect a lot of shit and then make her slave smear it all over himself and remain with it till the following morning

This mistress did not care what people thought about her. She knew she could make money from her scat fetish and that is all that mattered to her

This slave had never been punished so he did not take his mistress seriously. But she put an end to it by making him eat her shit

A really naughty brunette is going to find out what experimenting with scat is all about. She and her friend are going to hang out together but they do not expect to start taking shits and sharing the taste together. They both are going to find out that this type of play is actually quite interesting and they do like all of the fun they are having eating each others shit.

When Rachel decided to start a series, she needed to make sure she had the perfect slave when she was filming all of her movies. Her slave is well-trained and he knows exactly what she expects when it is time for eating. The slave will open his mouth and he will take in all of her shit cannot question a single thing to make her happy.

Torture with an experienced mistress can be really dirty and it also can be really sadistic. This mistress is going to take her time as she pushes out a huge load of poo right onto a slave. She takes great pride in being known as a shitting girl and she also is going to make sure that the slave is totally covered properly. Her love is for shitting.

Libby is a really interesting college girl that loves to do things to slaves that can be really humiliating. One of her favorite things to do it involves pushing out the biggest pile of shit right on her slaves face without saying a word to him. She is so funny when she does this, and she also can be hard-core. Her love for shitting is totally obvious when she does it.

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