Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

You do not want to piss off this mistress. She is experienced at giving some of the harshest and cruellest punishments ever given. Like when this loser pissed her off and she made him lie down on her bathroom and then took a shit on his face and made him smell it, lick it and eat it. She does not care how gross or unhealthy it is. You have to do it her way.

Noelia is a pretty girl by all standards. She has a petite body with a nice ass and a nice pair of tits which feel great when squeezed on your hand. And when you see her naked and are admiring her ass, you will never guess that one of her favorite pastimes is to take a dump and collect it and smear it on her slave's body.

If you like them gross, they don't get better than these two lesbians. They love having unorthodox fun, and they wanted to push the bar up higher. They got naked and instead of the normal foreplay, they started with peeing and shitting on each other and smearing it all on their bodies. Not many people can be brave enough to do that, but these lesbians are not your ordinary couple.

Denise wanted to trample and smother her boyfriend when an idea struck her. Instead of using just her ass to do it and facesit on him, why not make it more interesting. So she removed her underwear and her boyfriend thought that they were going to have the good old 69. But to his surprise, she facesat on him and then without a care, took a dump on his face!

Princess Racheal Evans was mad at her boyfriend. And he did not notice that she was pissed at him. So when he came home and asked her for food, she had a plan which threw him completely off guard. She went and took a plate then took a nice shit on the plate and then gave it to him with a large smile on her face which said "dinner is served!"

Lady Kalida likes role play. And she does not care how gross it can get. Her boyfriend wanted her to dress like a nurse or first aid worker, and she agreed. But she also wanted him to do something. She wanted him to eat her shit! She took a shit in a container and then gave him to eat. It was after that they would continue with their love making adventure.

This mistress was pissed off at her slave. She didn't want to beat him up, but wanted an equally brutal punishment. After much thinking, she came up with a fitting punishment. She made him lie down and put a stool beside him, sat on it and without any guilt or care in the world, took a shit on the poor slave's face. The slave was humiliated and degraded but that was the plan.

Miss Atrax and her brutal friend love to do horrible things to slaves. They take pride in humiliating slaves, and letting them know what piles of shit they are. These two mean mistresses are going to take full advantage of a drunk guy by letting him know what a face in a pile of shit is going to be like. They will totally torture this drunk idiot.

Ariel is not shy, but she also loves to show off her great body. Ariel will put on a pair of really bright pink panties and show off her amazing form. In her head she is thinking about the shit and farts that are soon to follow. She never slacks when it comes to blowing out huge farts, and she loves to clear a room with her smells.

A slaved offered his massaging services to a mistress, but he failed to realize he must do a good job. He failed and now much pay, because a mistress is very mad at him. She is going to take a huge shit on the floor to punish the slave, then stick his head in the huge pile of super smelly shit for a cruel and mean punishment.

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