Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Victoria is a pretty babe, but she loves to celebrate the holidays. She is going to put on her Santa hat and sit on a chair. She will lean over so she can push out a huge long turd. The turd will be brown and very solid. She is so happy to show off her talents, and select the lucky slave that will clean up the poop.

Princess Nikki is known for many things, but taking a huge shit on her slave's face is rather extreme. She is thrilled to see how big the log of shit is sitting in her slave's mouth. Her slave has no other option but to swallow all of the poo. She puts her asshole right on her slave's mouth so he gets all the shit to eat.

Jenicha is always ready to share her shit. Her ideal day is taking a shit on a plate and getting a good look at who will be ready to eat her poo. Jenicha will choose the lucky slave that is worthy of her poop. She likes her slaves to experience her poo at least once a week, because letting her shit go to waste is such a shame.

Mistress Gaia has never been shy from showing off her wonderful skills in scat play. She is going to place her ass on a special made shitting stool created for her slave. Mistress Gaia will then take a shit on her slave's blindfolded face. She feels wonderful shitting on her slave, because he is such a loser and she knows it. Covering his face in poo makes her happy.

Some slaves must learn the hard way. A slave is going endure quite a bit of torture and abuse from a mistress. He will have high heels dug in deep on his chest, she is going to demean him, but the worst is the huge pile of shit that will land on his face warm. The mistress will shit on his face three inches from his nose.

Sonja doesn't mess around when it is time to take a shit. Her slave knows that as well. She is place her ass on her toilet that was specially made for slave shitting. Sonja will push out the biggest shit right on her slave's face. Her asshole will stretch wide open getting the huge long turd out of her sexy ass. Her slave has quite the meal.

Noelia has never been shy about the size of her shits. She is reading a book enjoying herself while she is shitting, but the catch is as she is shitting, she will destroy the book. The book belongs to her slave, therefore she will take her time making sure she uses each page to wipe her ass with. Noelia will totally destroy the book with her shit.

Kelly is a very hardcore mistress that loves scat play. Her scat play is so extreme that she is going to take a shit, but she doesn't stop there. She will smear and rub her shit all over. The most extreme action she will do is take her own shit and put it on her hand, then lick the shit off her hand. Kelly is very nasty.

Miss Missa X and her sister are working together to get a really hot scat video. Miss Missa X will take a very large shit in the toilet and catch it all on video. Miss Missa X is going to push out the best shit ever right in the toilet making sure to show her cute little ass as she is getting her poo pushed out of her asshole.

My neighbor is a really stupid one! He always tells me that I have to do the floor cleaning. And he does not like it to hear me groaning when I play with my hot pussy and asshole! And he thinks I'm easy to fuck so he invited me to his apartment. He hopes to fuck me - but he won't! The only thing he will get is some shit on his table!

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