Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Leila is one of the hottest mistress's around. She also is fun and sometimes very quirky. She is going to get dressed up like a sultry bunny in red lingerie, but the major bonus is when this cute babe gets on her side and exposes her asshole, she is going to push out a very hard nugget like turd. She is really happy it smells so bad too.

A very hot and excited babe is going to go for a walk in the countryside. She has always been very turned on when she gets the opportunity to take a huge piss right on the side of the road where the chances of her getting caught are quite high. She loves to feel her warm piss squirt from her body. She also loves rubbing on her clit too.

Noelia loves scat play so much that when she is done taking a huge shit, she likes to play with her asshole. She generally will dish out all her shit and pee to her slave, but every now and then she will take her own special shit just for herself. Her asshole is very sensitive and delicate, so when she plays with it, she feels so good.

A slave is going to find out what a very long week is like with his demanding mistress. She is going to take every single shit on his face and even on his body. Her goal is to make him realize and understand that he is worthless and no better than anyone else, plus humiliating him makes her feel so good and powerful. She can't stand her scat slave.

A very lovely babe is walking down the hall enjoying herself, when a stupid idiot bumps into her. The stupid idiot didn't know that he was bumping into a hardcore mistress. She is going to force him to get on the ground and eat all of the shit she plan on pooping onto a plate just for him. He will be totally humiliated by the strong mistress.

Miss Missa X is always up for a good time. She loves to have fun, but her favorite thing to do is scat play. She loves to take huge shits anywhere she can. To make the activity even more fun, she is going to cut a huge hole in her panties, so when she takes a shit, all the poop can fall out onto the ground.

Mistress Adison is a very sexy mistress with a love for shitting. She loves to shit on her slaves in multiple positions. She is going to sit on her slave's face reverse cowgirl like and push out a nice warm shit right on his face. The slave will get all her warm smelly shit right into his mouth. The slave is getting exactly what he deserves.

Rieke is always down for some naughty scat play. She is going to take a nice warm shit, but then she will take a piss. She loves the feeling of both bowl movements, but the best part of all this play is when she sticks her finger in her shit to taste what she can produce. She might alter a diet a bit to change the flavor.

Paola is a very hot babe that would love to get into scat play. She is going to consult a mistress for advice and instructions on making sure the scat play goes well. Paola will find out just how to feed her slave the warm shit. It's very simple says her scat mistress instructor. Her slave will get the meal of a lifetime from her.

Ariel is a mistress that loves taking huge shits on the floor of her kitchen. She is going to squat down on the kitchen floor so she can take a nice shit, but first she must take off her thong. She will push shit out on her floor for her slave to watch first, but then he is going to be part of the clean up crew.

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