Shitting Girls

Girls shitting and pooping

Lesbians are going to get really hard-core when they decide it is time for them to fist each other. Instead of being cleaned out before they decide to do all of the fisting, they are going to reach inside each other's ass and pull out all of the shit with her hands. They love this type of hard-core action and they can't wait to see what else happens with each other.

Alexa has a special toilet that all of her slaves are very familiar with. She has been using a special toilet for many years and she knows exactly what she is doing once she sits down on the toilet. Her goal is to make sure that each slave that is underneath her toilet as well fed with a great deal of poop and pee from her body as she is smiling.

These lovely ladies are going to make sure that they fill the mouth of the slave in the words. Normally when people are in the woods together, they are checking out all of the wonderful views that nature has to offer. However, in this case it is going to involve a great deal of scat play and humiliation because the slave must eat all of the shit from the ladies.

When this mistress is told to push out a nice big turd for the camera, she always tries to get it right the first time. She is making a film with her slave Toto, because they are hoping to inspire other people to try scat play and all of the other interesting human toilet activities that come with a slave and a mistress. She is going to be very happy with the results.

A slave is going to find out what it is like to eat a nice big morning load of warm shit fresh from a mistress. She plans on letting him know what hard-core domination is like and what it is like to be a hard-core toilet slave for her. She will push out all of her food from the night before directly into his mouth for him to consume and love.

When this pretty gal is on her toilet, she tends to do things that most ladies would not normally do. One of them is to put on a sexy lingerie outfit with black stockings and she also will get some white latex gloves because she plans on playing in her own urine, and she might even save some for later. Her goal is to save pee for her slave in a glass.

This babe loves to have some fun with her slave, even though normally he is just a toilet slave. She is going to train him to be more than a toilet slave, but instead he is going to become her human ashtray and her doormat. She is deeply amused by the fact that he is so trainable and is willing to do all of these degrading acts on the ground.

Sexy Dread is a hot babe that also enjoys quite a few different toilet activities. One thing that she likes to do is she enjoys pissing on her fingers, then tasting what her golden nectar is like. If she is lucky her slave might show up on time so that she is able to make him taste her golden nectar as well. This babe is really kinky and she is also dirty.

Lady Amy and her pile of shit can be really messy, especially if she is trying to wipe off all of the shit right into her slaves mouth. The slave already knows the drill, and he knows that he is expected to eat all of her shit, even if it is really messy. She will make sure that her slave is well fed and that he never goes hungry from her shit.

When two sexy ladies get together and they began to play, it can get really interesting especially because they are both into scat. They began to shit on each other, but they do not stop there because their plan is to smear the shit all over the place, and then they will lick each others pussies with shit all over the place and on their bodies. These girls are hard-core.

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